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Make the Change: Implement Real-Time IT Cost Avoidance and Spend Reduction


About this webinar

IT has become increasingly complex to manage. Cloud Migrations and other investments in new tech spending to support digital transformation have significantly altered tech budgets in recent years. This means a big change for the role of a CIO, with far more emphasis being placed on innovation, transformation and agility, rather than purely technical capabilities.

With the ability to track not just costs but also volume of services consumed, Serviceware Financial enables organizations to shift from a fixed-allocation cost model for shared services to a usage-based one.

This incentivizes business managers to supervise their usage more prudently. Serviceware commissioned the leading analyst Forrester to carry out a study with a group of Serviceware  Customers, to measure the impact of  Serviceware Financial.

Learn about:

  • The challenges facing the CFO during transformations
  • How you can avoid up to €15 millions of costs over three years by diligent monitoring of service costs*
  • How to identify unnecessary applications or projects

    *based on a €1 billion IT budget




Tom Schröder

Director International Business