Forrester Report: The IT Financial Management - AKA TBM - Technology Solution Ecosystem

Gaining a transparent overview over your IT and shared service costs is an important step towards cutting cost and re-investing budget into growth projects. However, merely picking und running with an ITFM tool is not enough. Download the Forrester report "The IT Financial Management - AKA TBM - Technology Solution Ecosystem" and learn more about the differences in ITFM providers, the importance of the right consulting support, and the role that cloud adoption plays in this new digital landscape.




Help your organization to reach ITFM maturity by creating the right environment

Forrester has spent years and years researching the development of ITFM (IT Financial Management) - also known as TBM (Technology Business Management) - to find out the whats and hows of mastering company IT and shared service costs. Serviceware was interviewed for this report, aiming at painting a picture of the right Technology Solution Ecosystem for your ITFM to grow and develop. Cutting costs and fostering transparency is more complicated than just picking and using one of the many software tools in the market. Read the report by Forrester Principal Analyst Bill Martorelli to learn what else you need.

In this report you will learn:

  • What the four types of ITFM vendors are
  • What you need to achieve proper ITFM maturity
  • The roles cloud services play in your success


Bill Martorelli

Principal Analyst, Forrester